Traditional Mixed Martial Art

Justin in the Stand up

MMA Training

  • Striking
  • Grappling
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Fight Strategy

Mr Vance cornering for Justin

Mr Kuras, Justin Wachtendorf, and Mr Vance after Title Bout fight.

Mixed Martial Art Coaching Staff

Ed Kuras

US Team Karate Champion Coach
US Team Jujitsu Head Coach 2010
US Team member
40 years Karate-jutsu Experience
  • Striking
  • Freesparring
  • Fight Strategy
George Vance

40 years Jujitsu Experience
  • Grappling Coach
  • Groundwork
Terry Long

Bareknuckle Champion Undefeated
  • Boxing

Marty Husband

30 years Karate-jutsu Experience
  • Karate-jutsu application
Kaleb Keeran

National Karate Champion
US Jujitsu Kumite Champion 2010
US Jujitsu Team 2010
US Jujitsu Duo Champion 2005, 2006
MMA Fighter 8-1
  • Strength
  • Conditioning
Justin Wachtendorf

US Karate Champion 2009
National Jujitsu Duo Champion 2005, 2006
MMA Title holder 9-0

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