Thank You to these Instructors

Mr.Sugiyama for 30 years of knowledge and experience!
Mr. Nishiyama for 25 years of Seminar training and instruction.
Hanshi Anderson for 25 years Martial Arts training, jujitsu,Taiho, and even more years in leadership training.
Mr Oleva for being a freesparring genius, and also to John DiPasquale long time friend and associate.
Bruce Siddle for his PPCT Research and expertise.
Shihan George Vance for all his years of helping with our program, bringin insight and training ideas to the Dojo. We can never thank you enough for your over 50 years of experience, and all that you have done in helping us to teach the Jujitsu program over these many year.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024