Chief Instructor
Shihan Edward Kuras
  • 8th Degree Black Belt Japanese Karate
  • United states AAU-USAKF National Karate Team Alumnus
  • 7th Degree Black Korean Karate
  • 9th Degree Black Belt Kwan MU Kan
  • 8th Degree Black Belt Yamanaka Kojute Jiujitsu
  • Police Self-Defense Instructor--Certified by State of Illinois
  • PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • USA Karate Team Coaching Staff
  • Taiho PSDI Master Instructor
  • Master's Degree with emphasis in Exercise Physiology
  • Technical Committee USANKF
  • US Jujitsu Team Head Coach 2010
  • Amercian Coaching Effectiveness Program Coach (A.C.E.P.)
  • 40 Years Experience
  • video of Mr Kuras recently doing a static workout

    Video of the US Championships 2005 Mr Kuras Coaching and the team
    Mr. Kuras heads up the Yudansha and Techinical Advisory Board
    US Mr. Kuras recieves his 9th Dan from the Kwan Mu Kwan from his family.
    US Jujitsu Team 2012 coached by Mr. Ed Kuras in Austria.
    World Champion US Team 2005 coached by Mr. Ed Kuras and Mr. John DiPasquale.
    Shihan Ed Kuras,Kaleb Keeran,Justin Watchendorf and Hanshi George Anderson at the World Jujitsu Championships.
    Coaching the US Junior world Team... 1992
    Mr. Kuras and other coaching staff at the Olympic training center.
    Shihan Ed Kuras coaching a seminar at the Olympic training center.
    Shihan Ed Kuras Performs an Kubinagi.
    Mr. Kuras does a spinning sweep to a student as the student attacks with a roundhouse kick.
    Mr. Kuras performing an Ogoshi.
    Mr. Kuras performing an Ouchi gari.
    Mr Kuras performing Hook Kick to Uchimata.
    Mr Kuras performing an Ashi Barai.
    Mr Kuras performing Mr Kuras Deshi Barai.
    Mr Kuras performing Kiza(Hiza) gatami.
    Shihan Ed Kuras at a Yamazaki Clinic in the 1980s

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