World Jujitsu Championships Nov 2006

Congradulations go out to Kaleb Keeran and Justin Watchendorf for recent participation in the IJJF World Jujitsu Championships that were recently held this Novemeber 2006 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. These gentlemen represented the US after winning two consecutive National Championships in duo competition.

A big thanks go out to all the coaching staff Shihan Ed Kuras, Hanshi George Anderson, Shihan Ben Deleon, Shihan Jim Caldwell, Hanshi George Vance, and all those who donated time, effort and money to get these men to Rotterdam. No amount of thanks and appreciation can truly be expressed to those who helped.

The following are some of the pictures taken of the competition and touring of the Athletes, the Coaches (Instructors) and thier families.

  Early morning breakfast Kaleb Keeran(front left), Justin Wachtendorf behind Kaleb and Dr Jared Wright US team doctor.
Relaxing and watching the tournament before competing.  
  Practice at Shihan Danedell's Dojo the inventor of the E-Bo-No-Kata
Getting ready for the competition with the Head Coach Ben Deleon.  
  Kaleb and Justin face each other on the floor and ready for the competition.
Supportive family Left to Right Mr. and Mrs. Keeran with Kaleb and next to Justin Patty Watchendorf and Roger Watchendorf.  
  Standing with the Head instructors Left to Right Shihan Kuras, Kaleb, Justin, and Hanshi George Anderson.
Mother's are enjoying the competition  
  Watching the Competition Dr. Jared Wright, Brian Dietz, Justin Watchendorf, Kaleb Keeran, and Ed Shultz.
Shihan Kuras and Mr. Metziger outside in Paris  
  Shihan Kuras and Shihan Caldwell in Paris.
Shihan Kuras and Hanshi Anderson at the top of the Eifel Tower.  

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