Specialist Instructor
Hanshi George Vance
  • Ranking Dan in Black Dragon Triad, holds 10th Dan, certifies all rank and training requirements in Black Dragon Triad.
  • 6th Dan Jujitsu
  • Master Instructor in Taiho-jitsu.
  • Sifu(Level 10 teacher) Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Assistant Instructor in Kali/Escrima Filipino Martial Arts
  • Certified by the Illinois State Police Board of instruction in Police Defensive Tactics, Arrest and Control, and Weapons retention.
  • Instructor Certificate from Hicks Arrest and Control as part of the Police Corp
  • Academy Train the Trainer program sponsored by the US Justice Department
  • Founder of the Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy of Macomb, IL in 1984
  • Assisted Shihan Ed Kuras in training two time National Jujitsu Duo Team Champions, the first Duo team to compete in World Jujitsu Championships from the US
  • Trained part-time police officers for Illinois Valley Crime Commision
  • Trained police officers in defensive tactics for Western Illinois Police Training program
  • Provided defensive tactics training for the Longmount, Colorado PD 1979
  • Provided defensive tactics training for the Colchester, Illinois Police Department 1986.
  • Hanshi Vance began training in 1952 in judo/jujitsu. Trained in Tae Kwon Do and Judo in Korea. Hand to Hand conbat instructor with F Company of the 23rd Infantry, Eighth US Army Korea. Studied Tae Kwon Do under Sense Jim Harkins. Studied Modified Wing chun with Sifu Jerry Gardner 1978. Recieved Dan ranks in Jujitsu from Shihan Lonnie Riddle of Zen Bei Koku Jujituskai in 1979. Recieved rank of Level 10 practioner (Sifu) in Traditional Wing Chun uner Grandmaster William Cheung in 1995.

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