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“After graduation at WIU, I got a job in 6 months. Mr. Kuras' skill and instruction gave me confidence to handle situations with the least amount of force necessary. By knowing how to handle situations that arose through my Tai-ho training, I did not feel the need to escalate situations unnecessarily. Ed Kuras is a great instructor.”
Jake Franklin; Officer with Heyworth Police Department --
WIU Class of 2013
“I have trained with Mr. Kuras in Shotokan Karate, Jujitsu, and Taiho-Jitsu (police combat self defense.) This training has proven itself invaluable. It teaches you control of yourself as well as your subjects in a myriad of situations. I wholeheartedly support this program for Law Enforcement majors at WIU.”
Michael Burke: Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at AUSP Thompson.--
WIU Class of 2014
“I'm and studying to be a neurosurgeon. I've learned from WISK Martial Arts, a never-quit attitude, self-defense and body mechanics. I have a GPA of 3.8 and still have time to train at WISK. It was hard to find the extra money but its worth it. The instructors are World Class.”
Joshua A. Maccagno RA at Bayliss Hall—
Current Student
“I graduated from WIU in Law Enforcment, and also received a Masters in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. I recommend Mr. Kuras and the Taiho-Jitsu self-defense program that enabled me to develop my job skills.”

Jimmy Han; Officer with the Lincolnwood Police Department in Lincolnwood, IL.--
WIU Class of 2014

“I participated in Karate, Jujitsu and Taiho Jitsu while attending WIU as an L.E.J.A. student. WISK taught me discipline, respect, and above all how to have confidence in myself and my actions. I have always been a shy person but learned to be assertive and confident- two traits that are needed by any law enforcement professional. The skills I learned in the Taiho-Jitsu program enabled me to thrive in the control and arrest tactics at the Illinois State Police Academy.”
Jacqueline Galloway; Assistant Director of Security Schaumburg Corporate Center, IL--
WIU Class of 2012
“Mr. Kuras is well known in this area and his credentials are impeccable: USKA Police self-defense, USAKF/AAU National Karate Team Alumnus, 8th degree Black Belt in Karate and Jujitsu, and 47 years experience. He has been a valuable training resource for LEJA majors the past 30 plus years.”
Kenneth Wayne Durkin
Retired WIU LEJA Professor

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